Saturday, April 01, 2006

Government Accountability Accountability Office

There are several offices within the Congress that are supposed to be non-partisan and impartial. These offices are meant to provide information on a wide range of topics and to provide certain services. The Barber shop for instance shouldn't give stupid haircuts to the minority party.

Some of the other offices include CRS (Congressional Research Service, I've mentioned this before) which is a branch of the Library of Congress, itself a nonpartisan office. The GAO (Government Accountability Office formerly known as the General Accounting Office) is also meant to be a nonpartisan impartial provider of information. The GAO is basically the investigative wing of the Congress.

There are those cynical few of you who would say we should have seen this coming since it has the word "government" in the title but it turns out the GAO is not very good at holding itself accountable on such topics as missile defense.

(NYT): Accountability Office Finds Itself Accused


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