Sunday, April 09, 2006

I forgot,

How much I hate moving. I hate the packing up of stuff, I hate the organizing and I hate searching for a new place. It really doesn't work until you get to your destination because you could find a great and cheap apartment, but it's in another state.

One of the things I do like about moving is the chance I get to look through my stuff that I've kept for years but never looked at. Honestly, who needs a 2003 Ikea catalogue? I've gone through 3 garbage bags of junk, papers and just stuff I don't need or use anymore.

Over the years I've done this every time I've moved and I'm constantly surprised at just how much stuff I have. I've never had a large living space, but whenever I go through this culling of things I notice that I could be living somewhere twice the size and I'd still have a lot of stuff. I must, just know how to pack things up and tuck them away really well.

At any rate I've made a lot of headway today and I'm hoping to have the whole packing thing done in a few more short days.


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