Thursday, April 06, 2006

Link-o-rama: Indiana Jones and the Last Links

That's right, this is the last link-o-rama. I'm doing some bookmark cleaning and getting rid of all the links I've accumulated.

The Museum of Modern Betas, a site dedicated to web 2.o newcomers. MOMB

Megnut wants you to read the numbers on your fruit and apparently it's a good idea if you're like me and enjoy eating organic foods. Megnut

The topic header says it all, "who needs to pirate software with a list like this?" opensource software

I can never keep up with all the new cast members on SNL. A.V. Club

When I was a waiter, the staff would often day dream about what would happen if we all just walked out at the height of the lunch rush. Now we can all see what happens when you have a stupid boss and a job you can easily replace. Mutiny at the Cafe

A great idea for when all you have in the kitchen is ketchup, mustard, pepper, noodles, half an onion and some olive oil. Recipe Ingredient Search

I'm in love with google earth and have been for a while. It is the ultimate in online time wasters. However, I do not waste as much time on it as some people apparently. This is an old story about people finding hovering cars in Australia on google earth. I haven't heard an end to this story yet. Hovering Car

The search for happiness, what's the secret? Finding Happiness in a Harvard Classroom (NPR)

An entire blogger blog about statistics, pretty cool. It is a numeric life

(Slightly long description for this link, be warned). While at work one day, my friend Pam was helping me pass the time. She sent me a link to editorial cartoons on I knew of Slate, I just never visited the site before. The interesting thing about these cartoons, is that a lot of cartoonists have the same idea (or at least similar) at certain times. In order to prove this point, I'll ask you to go to when a big news story breaks (i.e. VP Cheney shooting his friend in Texas). This site is similar in it's idea, although it takes current news stories and pairs them up with current pictures used for those news stories. 10x10 / 100 words and pictures that define the time

Those are the last of the links, don't spend them all in one place. If you do though, not to worry cause I've got you covered. These three blogs do a much better job than I ever could in bringing links to the masses. Enjoy.
Jason Kottke
Wired: Table of Malcontents


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