Saturday, April 01, 2006

What Day is it Today?

I guess you could technically say that this post is part of my continuing series of link-o-rama's, but I'm not going to call it link-o-rama. (just a disclaimer, I doubt these sites will all look the same after today or at least this weekend, so take a look and make it fast!)

(via "TeeVeePedia. I administer the machine that TeeVee runs on, and my one job this year was to roll over to the April Fool's site at midnight. The rest of the staff wrote over 300 articles and my one job was to just throw a switch at a particular time. And so, of course, I fell asleep at about 10pm. I suck. -- GK"

Think Geek has a list of some awesome new products for the geek in your life. Think Geek

Overheard in NYC has done some re-formatting. Overheard in NYC

Lifehacker has an excellent array of death posts: DEATH Hacker


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