Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Relaxing Evening,

Last night, on my way home from dinner, I decided to stop off and get some Yoo-hoo! (the best chocolate drink ever made). After picking up my delicious Yoo-hoo! I was on the road again when I was passing a street that entered the main road at an angle. A car started to pull out from the road and he was moving slowly so I figured he saw me and was just pulling out part way to get behind me.

Boy was I wrong. As the car pulled along side me, still at a slow pace I noticed it was a police car. As I pulled to the right to avoid him, he sped up, still clearly not seeing me until the last possible moment before he nosed my car when I applied more pressure to the breaks and he swerved away to the left.

Then he pulled me over. There is nothing like flashing lights and a siren to make a someone who was nearly in an accident completely relaxed. As we pulled to the side of the road, he got out of his car with his flashlight and before he ever made it to my now parked car he shouted:

"Holy $#!T !, are you ok?!"
"Yes, sir... I'm fine."
"I mean... $#!t, I didn't even see you! Are you ok?!"
"yup, I'm good."
"ok, I'm sorry, have a nice night."

At which point I pulled the 10 feet ahead and made the right turn that was my street as he sped off. I went upstairs, watched an episode of scrubs and drank my Yoo-hoo! before going to bed.


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