Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tucker Carlson

It isn't often that one finds a reason to be truly outraged. By truly I mean actually. On a daily basis we are outraged by the little things, ie getting cut off in traffic. But recently some people both in the MSM and here in the world 'o' blogs, seem to be going after others, using their pseudo-celebrity to hurt others. One fine example is that of Michelle Malkin. She has gone after the AP and a person she can only assume is fake because everything he has said has gone against what she believes in. Who is this person? He's a Iraqi Policeman and is now facing prosecution.

Another example is that of Tucker Carlson who has gone after someone I know simply because he posted about a verbal altercation they had. The altercation came after this person decided to post about how Tucker Carlson had opened an account at the video store he works at. He didn't give out any personal information but he did post about different pranks he would like to play on Tucker Carlson. I don't think he would ever do such things though. Granted it wasn't a great idea to post about such things but at the same time, who hasn't posted about meeting someone almost famous? Especially if you live in the area I do. The Wonkette has practically made a business out of sightings of politicians and such. At any rate. I have used Tucker Carlson's name here a lot in the hopes that he will eventually come across my site and send me a comment or an e-mail, try to get me fired or you know, just be himself.

Jon Stewart was right.

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