Friday, January 25, 2008

The Jump

There was a little gap there between posts... we'll see if I keep this up again.

I finally made the jump and now live in Washington D.C., which means that I no longer have to feel guilt when I say: "I live in Washington D.C." when I actually was living in Alexandria, VA. The change hasn't been too drastic, although there have been some nice changes. For instance, I no longer need to commute along the GW Parkway and 395 everyday which should increase my lifespan and lower my blood pressure. We also moved into a place with a washer and dryer, so we no longer have to walk 3 blocks to use our "in-building" laundry room. There's a couple other positives, and of course some negatives. We moved into an english basement style apartment, so my cell phone now only works by the window (notice the lack of plural? that's another negative).

All in all, it was a good move. We hired movers (two of them) and had a plethora of friends who helped out. We started packing up the truck around 9am and were all done around noon. That doesn't mean we don't still have boxes filled with things we still need to unpack, but at least 99% of our stuff is here in D.C. and not sitting in a lonely apartment in Virginia.

The one who took the move hardest was our tiny cat. In the last few weeks we've nicknamed her Princess Fussy Pants, and she was full of fuss this past week. She's starting to get used to the new apartment, meaning she no longer hides under the bed or acts like some unnamed monster is going to pop out from behind the corner at any minute and devour us all. She is, however, still scared of the doors opening and closing, which I'm glad about since she has yet to accept wearing a collar.

Comcast also had a difficult time with the move too. They just couldn't seem to get things right this week, but after three days of aggressive negotiation (for you nerds out there that does not mean I used a lightsaber... nerd), they finally caved in. More on that later.