Thursday, May 22, 2008

I know, I know... it's been a while.

I realized recently that when you stop telling everyone the stupid or silly things you see around you each day (such as I am wont to do in Shenanigans) you sort of stop seeing them as stupid or silly or more to the point you create new coping mechanisms for dealing with them when they directly affect you.

For instance, a while back I noticed that when people in DC cut you off during rush hour they do this wave thing. They don't look at you or your car or anything else for that matter, except perhaps their blackberry, but once your horn sounds and you've slammed on the breaks so as not to have to deal with getting their insurance information, a hand flies up in the air and they wave. I call this the: "I don't know how I got my license" Wave. I say it in a funny voice too so as to show their level of intelligence. It's funny, every once in a while, but when I find myself saying: "I don't know how I got my license" not just on a daily basis, but two or three times a day I realize it's not so funny anymore and this coping mechanism has stopped helping.

So it was with the Grocery store, you may remember (imaginary reader that I am talking to) that I would often write about my adventures in grocery land where people bought odd combination of things and then huffed and puffed in line like their pop-tarts and windex would be stale by the time they got home. I don't really have stories like that, perhaps because I'm the one who has to pick up fresh pop tarts and yes, fresh windex. It seems funny to me now thinking about that, but it doesn't make for good reading if I come home from a trip to the grocery store and I say: "I bought windex and pop tarts today and I was impatient in line."

There's other frustrations out there, but they're work related and as such off limits to the blogo-sphere (off limits to even the blogo-tetrahedron or any blog-polygon for that matter). So I'm left with the day to day observances of things that are funny, frustrating or just plain moronic as fodder for my posts. And you know what? There are not that many things out there, hence the delay in posts from moving in to our new place till now. Or it could just be that I don't have time after work to write these things down when I also want to pack in some quality time with M, the Cat, the Xbox, Top Chef and of course; SLEEP.

I've decided that from now on when I see something that the kids would call "bloggable" I will write it down somewhere and keep it till there's 5 or such of these things so that you no longer (once again you imaginary reader) will have to sit through a several paragraph post of dribble.

before I forget: Happy Birthday Matt!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I M? I feel privileged to be mentioned. --M

2:26 PM, June 19, 2008  

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