Tuesday, September 02, 2008

wherein I indict comcast

We moved recently, to a new apartment by the Capitol Building. It's a great location nearby work, Tortilla Coast and the Capitol South Metro stop. We're above ground, which means no more flooding. That was especially important seeing as how our last apartment flooded twice in three months and it's now hurricane season. We also have a great back porch and backyard that the cat can look out on from any one of our 6 windows.

The move went smoothly, our movers and friends got us out of our old apartment in record time.
Now, to the point...

Comcast has a service where you can switch your cable over from one location to another without having to set it all up again. Last week I called and had them schedule the disconnect for Sunday and asked what the earliest they could re-connect us was. They said we could get the first slot on Tuesday morning. Sounds great so far. Saturday evening comes and we lose our cable and internet... after 30 minutes on hold we give up and watch netflix (first problem).

I've taken off Tuesday morning for the connection and wake up for the tech. We're scheduled for 8:00-11:00am. He shows up at 8:30 and starts scoping the situation out. He indicates that we have the HD box in the living room and a modem, but neglects the basic cable setup in the bedroom (second problem). I ask him to just drop the line and I'll call it in while he's working on it and have it added on. He informs me that he doesn't have time to do that and it'll have to be rescheduled for another time. So I call Comcast and they tell me the same thing (third problem). I figure I'll argue it till he leaves at which point I'll escalate it if it's not fixed.

He comes up to me without showing me how anythings working and asks me to sign his paper. I sign it, figuring; "whatever". as he leaves I go out in the living room and look around to find all sorts of wood chips, plastic baggies and the plastic coverings to cable spread all over the room. I look and the cable box is setup incorrectly (an HD box with standard wiring so the HD doesn't even show up) and there's of course no cable in the bedroom. I look down the street to see if I can track him down but he's long gone. I call Comcast back and explain the multiple problems. They put me on hold while they track down the driver through the switchboard. They get my phone number and say they'll call me right back (they don't). The tech does though about half an hour later wondering what he could have left undone. He thinks it's the white box the modem comes in, but it's a whole lot more and as I'm listing off the items he says: "Oh..." and then hangs up on me.

Lunch time comes around and I haven't heard anything else. I call again. Comcast says they'll call me back again... they don't.

Another hour goes by I call again, they say they'll call me back... they don't.

TWO hours go by. I call again they say they'll call me back... THEY DO! Perhaps it had something to do with me saying if the guy didn't show by 5pm I was calling the BBB and DC Regulatory Agency to file complaints. The CSR (Lawrence) explains that the tech had a full day and I was rescheduled for after 5pm, no definite time but definitely after 5. I would say that's a safe bet since it was 4:45pm when he called me back.

So, I get fed up and decide to call corporate offices in Philly. The woman there was obviously very polite and nice and listened to everything noting when I told her how he hung up on me with a: "WOW... what was his name?" Here's another great point, the tech didn't even sign his name so I have no idea who he is.

so it's now 6:30 at night with poorly installed cable and internet... And I have to wonder, what could comcast honestly do to make this right for me? 3 months of free cable? 6 months? free instalation of dish network?